Code of Conduct
Rules for story writing:
  1. Absolutely no 'adult' material. Please aim to keep your stories PG-13 or cleaner in terms of content. At this time we do not endorse Mature subject matters in story writing.
  2. Politics and Religion are allowed subject matters as long as they do not cross the line of being hateful or intolerant.
  3. Stories can be flagged and removed at our staff's discretion. If this happens to you, it means you published something inappropriate.
  4. Zero toleration for plagiarism. If we find out, your account will be banned immediately. Publish your own original content ONLY.
  5. Fictional works based on other existing sources are ok, so long as it is original ideas. Think Fanfics.

Quality Standards:
  1. Unfinished stories will likely be unpublished by staff.
  2. Please ensure you use correct spelling and grammar in your writing.
  3. Beta stories can only be published if they are nearly complete and you are just looking for feedback. Do not call a story Beta if it is very incomplete.

The following rules apply to the chatbox as well as the rest of the site:
  1. Keep things PG in the chat
  2. While we support healthy intellectual debate, there are certain "hot button" subjects that are best left out of the chatbox. These include, but are not limited to, politics, religion, drug use, modding, and anything else that the Vanguards/Staff see fit to deem as such.
  3. Do not post in all caps.
  4. Do not try to dodge the chatbox sensor.
  5. Do not "spam" the chatbox.
  6. Conversations, in Global chatbox, will be in English. Feel free to have conversations in other languages in custom or clan chat.
  7. What happens on YOUR account is YOUR responsibility. It is not up to staff to try and figure out who is using who's phone or other media device.
  8. If you attempt to dodge a ban by any method, you will face more serious consequences.